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Mamyand bridge belongs to Safaviyeh Dynasty in Naghadeh.

Mamyand Bridge

Nov 05, 2019


Sulduz is the old names of a city which is known as Naghadeh these days. This area has the history of about 8000 years of Teppe Hasanlu in which too many dynasties and governments both local and independent civilizations built up. Through the time Safaviyeh, one of the most well know dynasties governed Iran for many years, also have some structures in Naghadeh. Mamyand Bridge and Qale Maran (Snake Castle) are two important structure in Sulduz plain. Mamyand Bridge is located in the west part of Sulduz Delta and constructed on the Gadar Chay (Gadar River). Mamyand village are in the vicinity of 7 to 8 kilometers from Mohammadyar. The bridge’s location and old roads around tell us the story about a very old road between Mahabad, Miandoab, Maraghe and also Urmiye, Salmas and Khoy.

Bridge Structure

This bridge has three main arch which the middle one is bigger and two others. In the basis mainly stones and bricks are used as the main material. The architecture of the arches are very fine and delight. In the upper part in each side of the bridge there is a circular pillar. Repairs are evident in the upper side of the bridge, which is mainly done in the circular patterns of the two end of the bridge that changed to square pattern. This bridge are in very good condition in terms of stability and strength and if conserved could be stand for many years. At the moment the bridge has been utilized as the passage between villages.


Excerpted from the book of “monuments of the Safavieh Dynasty in West Azerbaijan”, By Ali Sadraee, Faculty of Archaeology

Post Excerpt

Mamyand bridge belongs to Safaviyeh Dynasty in Naghadeh.