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Naghadeh has 17 permanent and seasonal wetlands. Seiran Goli is one of the bests.

Seiran Goli Wetland

Oct 05, 2019

Seiran Goli Wetland

Siran Goli Wetland (Dorgeh Sangi Wetland) is located on the road between Urmia to Mianduab and from north part of the Mohammad Yar you can easily access to this very beautiful wetland. It is about 17 kilometers in the north-east part of Naghadeh city in the center part of West Azerbaijan. The villages around the wetland are named as Dash Dorgeh, Gol and Ataollah. The wetland of Naghadeh included Seiran Goli, Hasanlu wetland and Yadegarloo wetland are listed in the list of Ramsar International Convention of Ramsar in 1971.

This wetland is formed because of a natural hole in the vicinity of Saral mount and because of its special location and transit road between important cities of the province gain so much importance in accordance. This wetland all around the year has a plenty of water and considered as a good shelter and ecosystem for local and immigrated birds and other animals. Its great media for regeneration and laying for different breeds of birds.

Because of direct and indirect reasons like drainage for agriculture, change in sediment levels in dams and hydrologic changes in the pressure of water harm too much the wetland and the result is that in 1375 the wetland completely get dried. After, this happening unauthorized soil harvesting lead and increased damages. Also so many pollutions come to the ecosystem by local peoples and increased rate in the skin and respiratory diseases was observed.

How to reach

For visiting this very beautiful wetland you need to stop in three way of Mohmmadyar in Mahabad to Urmia road and continue toward the east side to the Dorgeh Sangi village. After passing the village you need to continue for 2 kilometers, you will see a road in your left hand side. This road will guide you toward the wetland.

Water resources

This wetland formed by the flows coming down from the watershed of Gadar which is started from the mountains on the border of Iran and Iraq. Rains and snow falling, groundwater and spring on the south face of local mountains are the other water sources. The wetland areas or 790 Hectars in which 400 Hectars is for the grassland like beeches. Normally the soil of this areas has small amount of salt so mainly the plants who like the salty soil like Phragmites australis, Sedges, etc.

Post Excerpt

Naghadeh has 17 permanent and seasonal wetlands. Seiran Goli is one of the bests.